Depression Without Cause

Human beings stand on the sentinel of living world. They inherited a distinguished tribute from creator in shape of mental attribute. This quality differs them from their counterparts in living faculty of earth. The cognitive sense provides numerous avenues for humanity to utilize all the available means for betterment. This attribute enhances the prestige and mastery of human world. Right from the yore of Adam { A R } man embarked on the journey of physical world. But to this line of thought mental health remained one of essential prerequisite. It was always envisioned as main plank around which whole trajectory of human advancement depends. Initially the nomadic style of living survived man to help him earn hand to mouth basic necessities. Thereafter the critical and rational deliberation came to rescue for invention of fire. Industrial revolution, completer lead management, Robotics are but a physical manifestation of mental power. To a serious rethinking on the style of decision making in society , this mental power feels stress and  strains nowadays . Our youth is deeply ailing from mental depression whose cause is perhaps beyond the reach of man. What’s depression? How it occurs? What are the causes ?. These questions are awaiting answers in technologically driven world order. Is anyone ready to answer?

Depression is nothing but the instability in normal functioning of dynamic Brain complex. Usually the main parts of body especially Brain and Heart function in harmonic balance through inter as well as intra coordinated manner. As for as inter coordination of heart and Brain are concerned there disturbance may impact physical health of body to some extent. If it is related to Brain Syndrome then leads to psychological impact. But when the Intra coordination fails to retain stable and harmonic balance in day today life, the emergence of Depression evolves as Hobson’s choice. That’s to say it disturbs the normal control and coordinator of body. The Mental thinking comes under severe stress and heavily acts upon the Mental health of society. This mental health when impacted drags society to ugly end. It leads to disability in whole human body whose manifestation can be read through awkward and abnormal behavior. It pulls down the morals and ideals towards negative orientation. Herein lies the space for civil society, parents, teachers to reshape the young faculty on right path. Coming on to causes, they may be internal or external. Internal as may be taken on side of emotional or personal sphere of man. This may disturb his normal behavior and role making in family and society writ large. As Society always responds to outward appearances, therefore the internal dynamic is left to same individual.

On the external side the environment shapes and reshapes the mental health of society. The conditions which are available in the surroundings either harm the required mental balance or further enrich its stability. This orientation is regarded as Depression without cause because the society which is impacted has no hand in the circumstances responsible for the damage. There’s a sensitive but permanent link between mental world and outside world. Whenever the environment provides ample sunshine and water to flourish, the plant sprouts in feasible way. Whenever the situation of Kashmir is taken into consideration, the outside influence on mental health comes to fore. As per recent survey “Mental health of Kashmir is showing dangerous trend”. The cause of disturbances, Hartal , killings ,curfew, ransom , AFSPA etc has taken away the peace of mind. Now the internet gag is surpassing all other causes. This disturbance has not been created by innocents who are unaware about shutdown of schools. The kids are crying about the picnic spots and the college students are bleak about future. The rise of sun comes with new type of restriction approach. Where is Kashmir heading? What’s the situation at present? Is it feasible for youth?. The SKIMS HOD in recent interview spoke about the mental health. He accepted the deterioration of overall atmosphere as main reason of mental stress. Unless and until the Kashmir is revived to the ancient glory of peace and stability , the mental health will remain in shambles. Let’s hope for return of glorious Zain-Ul-Abideen period. Otherwise external factor is on way to erode our mental faculty in years to come whose manifestation couldn’t be bound by morals. This orientation may be severe than stone pelting and rise of militant ranks.

Whenever man embarked on any ambitious journey, mental pursuit always accompanied him. It guides and nourishes the physical parts of man in there orientation to rational enquiry. The story of civilizations world over proved the point of peace and stability in the world as main condition for rational advancement. The reign of Chandragupta Maurya 2 ,Harshvardhan, Cholas, Akbar etc proved the patronization of artistic faculty ( Mental world ) is intricately linked to external world. They provided the atmosphere of peace through various strategies for nourishment of artistic mind. In contemporary era the reading of history possess panacea. If the advancement of man is supported by good mental health, any task howsoever big it may be is in the reach. In our backyard the valley is boiling with steep ladder of failure which impacts the mental balance of our future. The external conditions should be brought on track for normal functioning. Otherwise dangers loom large. We have to pay for this erosion of mental peace with massive amount. Shiekh Saidi once lamented about the man in market “The mad craze for wealth leads to deterioration of health. Then whole wealth is spent on the medication to bring back health “. Story of Kashmir isn’t anymore different. Mental depression without cause may evolve a volcano in future. Let’s be awakened.

Writer Shahid Majeed Mir hails from Misribehak Machil Kupwara and can be reached at