The unprovoked firing from both sides of border has become a deep concern for the inhabitants living near Line of Control (LOC) or International Border (IB), more and more people are becoming victims of this senseless shelling. Despite signing the cease-fire agreement by India and Pakistan in 2003, both agreed on, that they will restrain from Cross-Border firing, but nothing has changed so far.

The people of two archrivals especially those who suffer most when two armies resort to shelling, dream to live peacefully and achieving peace is not impossible if both the countries negotiate and give up some interests. Both sides know how to precede a peaceful relationship but arrogance become the barrier in the peace process, thus makes normalcy an unfulfilled dream only. India and Pakistan is the split of one nation but the situation mostly remains complex, between the two.  After getting freedom from British in 1947, Indian Muslims demanded a separate domain and Pakistan was formed on 14th august, the conflict between the two is deep rooted they have fought four wars since independence from British, but the solution is yet to be achieved. The unresolved Kashmir issue is the main source of the dispute.

The armies of both the countries facing each other on LOC, have no legal recognition to hold on there, both the countries have maintained their control, through mighty forces without taking the people into consideration. In fact, United Nations has recognised the disputed nature of Kashmir and has said people should be given chance to choose their future, which is yet to be exhausted.

The situation at the Line of Control, which is some 725 KM’s long, and divides the Kashmir, mostly remains tense. It had become a routine for both the armies to violate cease-fire. The exchange of Mortar shells, bullets, and other ammo wounds or kills the people as well as forces of both the sides. Soliders of both the sides know their fate, what pains most is when an innocent civilian is killed or displaced. Civilians become the first target, on action of the army of any side. Military Heads of both the sides, accuses each other for killing civilians and damaging property of the people living near borders.

Few days back Geo News reports said that six civilian were killed after Indian forces fired at the civilian areas. The report further said, “The six civilians who were martyred include four women whereas a total of 26 people, including 15 women and five children, were injured along the Working Boundary in Charwah and Harpal sectors”. Same stories flash from Indian side, where they claim that Pakistani soldiers target civilians.

According to Indian media, “Pakistani troops have opened fire on Indian territories more than 600 times till 30 September killing eight civilians and 16 security personnel”.

What felony has the innocent civilians of both the sides committed, for which they are being killed?  Politicians of both the countries come up with condemnation not but no solid step is taken, to get rid of the conflict forever.

The worst kind of scene is when an administration of the border areas issue order about closure of schools due to heavy firing from either side of border, for the safety of people, but a question arises is about the complications that people of border areas go through, what they are facing is visible on ground. When a student remain inside the doors, or some times when the cross border shelling starts and schools are open, the students get trapped as happened in Rajouri district recently, how the teachers were seen safeguarding the students was heart breaking.

The cease-fire agreement looks redundant now, because both the nations go on accusing each other of violating cease fire agreement. Who is violation of ceasefire needs to be owned by the violator side, and the agreement should be respected. There is need of de-Escalating the tension between the two nations, accusing each other will not lead them to any forward junction but will degrade you image at international level further. Come forward and ascertain the source of conflict. Let people live peaceful and prosperous life.

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