Corruption Or Compulsion

A state of being bad and dishonest or abuser of entrusted power for personal gains or a favor for a favor is corruption. Corruption prevailed in our society since times immemorial. Our system speaks the grammar of corruption. Serving a visitor in a restaurant, an unimportant amount of Rs 20 or 30 is paid to a waiter happily is a tip and a mason’s douceur of Rs 500 is inducement and when the same amount of Rs 20, 30 or 500 is paid to a government official, it becomes bribe. Unquestionably, it is bribe but we need to introspect and search for the real reason behind corruption at micro-level. Both mason and an officer is paid for the work done, then why do not we people call a mason or a carpenter or a waiter corrupt, albeit they do not initiate a work without “Chai”. Now, you may claim, a mason or a waiter is paid a tip wholeheartedly and an officer demands, if not paid, he would keep our work undone. But, it is our biased perception. I know, some people would call me a stereotype or tight fisted but it is our responsibility to curb corruption and nip the evil from the bud. In my opinion, a tip of Rs 20 or 30, an unimportant amount is a begging, with the passage of time it becomes a habitude. I aver that corruption shields all evils. An officer who pays inducement of Rs 500 would charge it from public and same mason or laborer who gets Rs 30 or 50 unintentionally pays it. A 50 rupee note buy wings for a thief and can erase two zeroes of power bill to reduce it from Rs 50,000 to Rs 500.

Researches show 45% of Indians pay bribe. India continues to rank among the most corrupt nations in world and our state J&K is not innocent as a new born baby. J&K tops corruption index in India.

“And how often, if ever, did you have to pay a bribe, or do a favor: a teacher or school official; a health worker or clinic or worker; a government official in order to get documents …” asked global watchdog, Transparency International, during a survey conducted in year 2017 across the countries in Asia Pacific belt.

In response, they found, police top the list. Transparency International found that over one in every four people surveyed in Asia Pacific Region have paid bribe to access public service. Political bribery and nepotism are higher levels of corruption. We should not forget, we pay and accept bribery in one form or the other. From petty corruption that occurs at junction between public officials and public they serve to a grand corruption that occur at institutional level or systematic corruption that happen due to weakness of an organization, all paralyze the smooth functioning of system. We cannot falsify it, corruption is a global issue but negligible efforts are made to curb corruption in our state. Citizens are too parting from their responsibilities which further provide room for corruption.

Nepotism is manifest of corruption but its latent function is it ruins talent.  There are evidences showing that corruption and nepotism individually and collectively affect social, political and economic set up and thereby impede development, yet the role of youth as transforming agent of a nation is quite significant. It is duty of youth to challenge corruption. Unluckily, youth is the most vulnerable to corruption due to higher rates of unemployment. When an influential businessman or politician strike a bargain, the challenges become tougher because political corruption is not limited to payoff and bribery, it may cost one’s life. Governor’s statement, targeting few reputed institutes left people in high and cry and the same people who showed sympathy for those institutions were hell bent on demolishing the image of these institutes. Praise worthy Chairman of J&K bank, whose farsightedness put trembling ship of J&K Bank back on the track, when most of the Asian banks were caught in breath taking waves of NPAs. Skeptical or using general visit of few youth, I do not get why his majesty lost his tongue and which later on was conferred ‘it was out of context.’ I can say, ‘Good wine needs no bush.’

As per the bank’s “adopted modus operandi,” the candidates who qualify written tests for RE but fail in the interview are offered appointments as BAs as and when the institution requires human resources to cater to expansion plans. Therefore, JKB felt requirement, so they called another 582 candidates. Although, JKB cleared its stand on allegations but we can’t deny corruption doesn’t exist in J&K. Instead of defaming an institution, governor should scrutinize politicians and influential persons who compel responsible officers to such commit mistakes. Nepotism, favor for favor and grand bribery all fall within the domain of political corruption. Discovering a fertile mind, elevating him to a responsible position and then asking favor for favor, bring honesty of saints under scanner.

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