Construction along banks of River Jhelum goes unabated in Vethpara Soitenga HMT Srinagar


Despite High Court orders to stop encroachment along the banks of River Jhelum unabated construction of houses is going on in full swing in the Srinagar city and its adjacent areas.

learnt that illegal structures are coming up along the banks of river at Vethpara Soitenga HMT area and other areas of city, while the authorities have put a blind eye on the issue.

Local told that authorities are paying no heed towards this grave issue of encroachment; several structures have been constructed during the past few days here. “Nobody is questioning them, this is illegal and needs to be noticed soon”, they said.

The rapid encroachment along the banks of River Jhelum is also responsible for the recent floods like situation.

Residents said that one can notice the newly raised structures on the sides of the Jhelum, while the authorities is sleeping over the issue. Added that officials not acting against offenders despite High Court directions.

The Jammu and Kashmir High Court banned constructions on the banks of river Jhelum.  (PTK)