Closing colleges for Kashmiri students outside Valley tantamount to pushing them to wall: Kadfeen

SRINAGAR, FEB 22: Congress leader Kadfeen Choudhary on Friday expressed concern over the expulsion of Kashmiris students from various colleges outside the state, terming such crises worrisome and tantamount to pushing already perturbed youth to the wall.

Kadfeen in a statement has urged upon the authorities to take remedial measures without delay so that the students feel secure outside Valley and can return to their colleges without any fear.  “There is a need of rebuilding the trust that has received the heaviest hit recently when fanatic groups vandalised educational institutes and terrified the innocent students. Reconciliatory approach can alone assuage the ruffled situation,” said Kadfeen.

Instead of showing younger generation dark and dreadful face of communalism, there is a dire need to show this young lot the windows of country’s secularist image so that instead of getting scared to study there, they could discover it their Eldorado. “Prime Minister must come forward and shun the partisan approach to address the situation, appeal for tranquility and ensure safety to the people of Kashmir. This is what the Prime Minister is ought to do,” Kadfeen said.

He added the civil society groups of the country too need play a role in pacifying the situation and make colleges and universities outside Valley safer places to study for Kashmiri students.