Asifa’s Case Students clash with forces in Baramulla

Clashes erupted in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district between students and government forces after students of Government Higher Secondary School (HSS) have staged a protest against gang rape of 8 year old Kathua minor.

The students from HSS Delina earlier staged protests and were demanding justice for Kathua girl.

The students had blocked the Srinagar Baramulla highway bringing traffic  movement to a stand still.

Also, female girl students were also raising slogans inside the school campus.

As the protests intensified, a police party reached at the spot to disperse the protesting students. However, protesting students drapped in school uniform pelted forces with stones.

In reaction, police ppersonnel used their vehicle to catch hold of students but the students ran for safety in lanes and alleys of the area.

Meanwhile, traffic movement was restored on the highway.

Pertinenntly, district administration had suspended classwork in all boys/girls colleges and higher secondary schools of town except Delina higher secondary school.