Ashrua-e-Hussani observed in Kargil Ladakh

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Mansoor Hosan Beigh
Kargil,20 September:-Ashura was observed on the tenth day of Muharram in kargil on Thursday.
A procession was taken out to pay tribute to Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Mohammad, and his companions who were martyred in Karbala.
Ashura was observed in ladakh in different parts in kargil.The largest procession of Muharram were taken out under the banner of Islamiya School Kargil(ISK) & Imam Khomenie Memoral Trust Kargi(IKMY)
Where in thousand of mourner’s participated  with tradition chest beating with chain  and recitation of nouha marsiya  in memory of Harzat-e-Imam Hussain(A.S).
The procession under the banner of Imam khomeni Memoral Trust (IKMT) Kargil passed khomeni chowk and which went through the central market Islamiya School premises and reached Jamiya Masjid and Culminated at Hussaini Park.
The second largest gathering were witnessed in kargil town this was organized by Islamiya School kargil(ISK).Around  thousand of mourner’s gathered at Islamiya School  premises the procession passing through main Bazar culminated at Inqilab Manzil Kargil.
Addressing the gathering religious scholars stressed upon the teachings of Imam Hussain and said Ashura symbolised the struggle against cruelty, injustice and tyranny of Yazeed. They said Imam Hussain achieved martyrdom because of his devotion to the eternal truth.
Later the procession was ended with recitation of Zeyarat-e-Imam (A.S) followed by ulama-e-keram.
The district administration has also made adequate arrangements like Health services,Power supply,drinking Water supply Security arrangements  sanitation and other basic needs during the Muharram processions.
According to a sources said that Youm-e-Ashrua was also observed in Leh with tremendous religious fervour . thousand of mourner’s from different parts of Leh took to participated in this procession.
Report suggest that Ashrua-e-Hussani was observed at tehsil and sub division of kargil district include Drass Sub Division,Chiktan,Shargole,Shakar Chiktan,TSG Block,Sankoo,Taisuru been reported so far in this regard…………………..