An Open Response To Shehla Rashid by A Kashmiri

 Khawar Khan Publihed 11 Apr 2018 

Yes, we welcome you back to your place, you haven’t been around for a while.
We are glad that we have a stalwart of human rights and activism,Shehla Rashid, with us after so many years. It is always bemusing/amusing to see your eloquent, firebrand speeches and your ever enthralling press conferences.
You spoke about Kashmir a few days back, but I would tell you that Kashmir and Kashmir conflict are not as simple as you might feel. There are people who have died, people who have been blinded and women who have been raped.
One whole generation, has grown up in the conflict, where the morning tea was served with the news of cross-fires, disappeared and dead, where the lunch would come after a beating from a BSF wala, evening was full of whispers and gunshots and night was spent awake, frightened of the knock at the door.
Leaving one’s home in the morning never came with the assurity that you would be back, you were never sure if your father would be back home after office and your mother or sister would be same once she came back from the market. So, talking about Kashmir needs a lot of expertise, and experience, as Kashmiri who has been face off with all of it, who has lived the Kashmir ‘conflict’

Kashmir ‘conflict’ is not a case of mere human rights violations or curtailment of rights. It is a CAUSE, a PROMISE, a struggle of a nation against oppression of an emotion, an emotion and a feeling to be free. But, you have been free in JNU, so I wonder if you feel it too.

Our leaders! You asked about their strategy, rather you questioned their strategy. Let me tell you, we might have some differences with them, but they are our parents, parents to our struggle. They have sustained and stayed, despite castigations and mud slinging by various corridors.

They have been house arrested, they have had attempts on their lives, they have been abused, beaten up and tortured, some of them even killed. They have still sustained and they still have a courage to lead and speak and the fact that people still talk about the .

EMOTION, that I mentioned above, even after so many years, is enough to prove that they have always had a strategy. So, they wouldn’t need advices and suggestions from you and me.

We Kashmiris are already too tired of all the ‘isms’, we honestly don’t have any more space for any more ‘isms’, particularly communism.

You are right in that India has inflicted a cumulative punishment on Kashmiris , in form of bullets , pellets, rape and arson, but the execution of this punishment has always been through our local parties, ESPECIALLY NATIONAL CONFERENCE.

I advice you to stay away from all of them. Let us not jeopardize our moral high grounds by associating with any of them.

You had asked to bring placards and not the banners of political parties, I reiterate the same advice for you, don’t keep the placards of political parties in your hands, on your tongues or at the back of your mind and heart, we Kashmiris sense it way too quickly.