A Galaxy of writers,intellectuals,poets and members from civil society attended an assembly hosted by Adbi Marjaz Kamraz

Literary, Cultural, and Civil Society Raised their Voice

A one Day extra ordinary conference from Different Literary , Cultural, Social and Trade organizations was held on 11-Dec, 2018 under the auspicious of ADBEE MARKAZ KAMRAZ Jammu and Kashmir at Tagore Hall Srinagar presided by Dr Mishal Sultan Puri, to discuss the problem of Removal of Kashmiri Language from Bhasha Sangam Portal by Union HRD ministry. It was taken as deep concern by the participants and in one voice resolved that the Union HRD ministry be approached immediately requesting it to restore the position of Kashmiri Language in Bhasha Sangam Potal without any loss of time. An action committee was framed to decide the further coerce of action in future if needed. The organizations who participated in conference were Maraz Adbi Sangam, Kashmir Chamber of commerce and industries, Maraz Kamraz Accaemy, Sanlab Adbi Ta Tehqiqi Markaz Banihal, Kashmir Markaz-i-Adab Va- Saqafat Budgam, Gulshan Cultural Forum Kashmir, Kashmir Music Club, Pahari Writers Foundation, Aaab-i- Rawan Kashmir and Members of Adbi Markaz Kamraz.Vote of thanks was presented by Farooq Rafi Aaabadi (president Adbee Markaz Kamraz), while proceedings of the function were conducted by Mohammad Amin Bhat Ex.General Secretary Adbi Markaz Kamraz.The function was attended by a galaxy of writers, Artists, and intellectuals who include Dr. Rafiq Masoodi, Dr Ab. Majeed Mir, Bashir Dada, Nisar Nadeem, Waheed Jeelani, Parvez Manoos, Mushtaq Ahmad Mushtaq, Advocate Shabir Ahmad Aariz, Gulshan Badrani, Shahnaz Rasheed, Shabir Hussain Shabir, Inayat Gul, Dr Shabnam Rafeeq, Muneer Masoodi, Nisar Nadeem, Rasheed Sidiqi,Imtiyaz Ahmad Bazaz, Maqbool Sajid, Dr Syed Iftikhar, Riyaz Anznoo, Nadir Ahsan and representatives’ from all the affiliated Literary Forums of Adbee Markaz Kamraz.