4th Global literary Festival 2018 Renzushah’s two Kashmiri 2018 novels honoured at prestigious 4th Global Literary Festival amidst High commissioners, literary luminaries ,chancellors & vice chancellors

dir="auto">New Delhi 16 Sep 2018
Kashmir based prominent Author & Novelist Khawaja Renzushah was honoured with Award of honour while his two 2018 version of his distinguished two novels written in Kashmiri Language, “oosh te Khoon” (Tears & blood) “Aaab Chu Dazaan”(water on fire) were  released at most global literary platform in 4th  Global literary Festival 2018
The High commissioners of Uzbekistan one of the literary partner of the Global literary conference ,High commissioner of Azerbaijan, High commissioner of Mongolia, Chancellor of Media university  and head of Marwah Film institute Mr. Sandeep Marwah ,Chancellors of various universities present and retired vice chancellors, Supreme Court luminaries, prominent Authors of English, Frech, Persian, Sanskrit, Bengali ,Hindi,Undu,Tamil and other global linguistics participated in this conference
While delivering his key note address as Kashmiri Author of twelve books translated in maximum languages including Pahari and Gojri, Khwaja Renzushah expressed his gratitude to organizers of Global Literary festival for acknowledging  importance of kashmiri language and it’s high civilizational value.
He said that Kashmir has 5000 years of its proud past enriched by purity of Sufi Awaliyas, spiritual saints with their remarkable contributions. He said our Silk route known  in Kashmir as Shahrah-e-ibrahim  was  fulcrum of  Kashmir to Kashgar trade and civilization and present conundrum as well as lamentable tragedy is that Kashmir has been deprived of our own jugular vain.
He said  our Shahrah-e-ibrahim was route of love ,literature, and civilization. He said like pioneers of  art of spiritual scripts, literature and history ,our old chronicles that it is Kashmir which had honour of giving first solar calendar to world  but exploiting innocence and infirmity of their art of projection being land locked abode , some western travelers stole this idea and presented as western achievements.
He said any one can research that our original terminologies of months like cheeth, Haar, Grashim etc as well as planet oriented names of each day which are still in vogue provide enough proof of paramount richness of our oldest civilization of world
 Renzushah said that arrival of our Great Sufi Awaliya Hazrat Bulbulshah (RA)  and his vision of establishing Nizam e sufiyat and converting most powerful king of Kashmir Hazrat Sultan Saader-ud-din Rinchenshah to Islam was based on fundamental principles of mutual love ,brotherhood and respectability for which Kashmir is still known throughout globe
Renzushah said that Kashmir literature encompasses realities of Sufiyat, Panasonic beauty of nature ,and love of humanity. During golden era of Distinguished Sufi king Zain-ul-Abideen Tibet, Kashmir and Kashgar were string of pearls but unfortunately  today each pearl of our string is lost .
He further said while addressing August gathering that our literature not only Zaberwan, Kohie Maraan, Tosamaidaan, ,Takhat-e-Sulaiman and other heavenly ranges of valley decorating celestial pages of our literature but our Sufi Awaliyas ,saints ,Reshies ,literary luminaries ,poets ,wizards ,scholars ,musicians have enriched literature of Faraghan valley ,projected Himalayas Mysteries ,and it’s countenance in most efficient styles .
Today echo of  their mesmerizing songs enthrall each part of this fractured civilization alike  he said amidst emotional chairs from entire August audience in historical 4th  Global literary conference